Zoë Aston

Zoë Aston is a psychotherapist, mental health consultant and author. She is the creator and developer of Your Mental Health Workout – a 5-week plan to a happier, healthier mind, a free, online programme that supports you to look after the integrity of your mind. Her first book, Your Mental Health Workout, was published in 2021.

Her own mental health recovery is what lead her to want to train as a therapist. She returned to university to achieve her master’s degree in psychology at 26; for 8 years after that, Zoë specialised in addiction, eating disorders and trauma reduction, working in treatment centres such as The Priory and then on Harley Street. In 2019 she went out on her own with a mission to make working on your mental health as accessible and acceptable as working on your physical health. It is the combination of her personal and professional experience that make her a trustworthy spokesperson for the benefits of therapy, wellness, and mental health related.

Zoë now offers support and education around mental health and emotional wellbeing to global wellness brands such as Lululemon, Barry’s and Harrods. She provides talks, dynamic group work and wellbeing sessions for private equity companies such as Permira. She also partnered with Microsoft Windows and Inspired by Iceland to promote psychological health during the pandemic. Her consulting work focuses on working with brands, teams, businesses, and gyms to help make looking after your mental health available and acceptable to all.

Her sessions offer a range of outcomes; from increased personal wellbeing for all who attend to overall employee satisfaction and talent retainment. Sessions can be personalised to the brand or topic in question and offer a highly interactive and dynamic experience. Her talks are a clear and accessible way to learn more about your own mental health. She pushes and challenges everyone to consider what it means to be looking after our minds and she does this in a way that promotes equality and balance in the individual as well as for the greater good.


Health & Wellbeing, Education, Teamwork

Zoe’s contribution to the Permira Insights Week is invaluable. She provides a great combination of theory and practical skills, and the feedback from our students is always very strong.
Zoe was onboarded as a short-term UK mental health expert due to our shared mission of improving the health and happiness of the world. She was a pleasure to work with, often going above and beyond and we look forward to partnering with her again in the future.
Zoë gave a brilliant talk that was focused on helping us navigate life after lockdown. It was thought-provoking, engaging & included tons of practical tips & insights that we can start using immediately in our everyday lives.
Lauren Ashworth
She makes therapy easy to understand, access and benefit from. Her focus on specific and measurable workouts means anyone who wants to, can get the results they are after.
Aimie Atkinson
Your Mental Health Workout is an invaluable, easily digestible and accessible guide to maintaining mental health.
Founder and Director
GroOops Dyslexia Aware Counselling
Your Mental Health Workout has had a massive positive impact on our clients.
Tatum Getty
Marketing Director of Barry’s Bootcamp